Gas Space Heating

Gas space heaters are an energy efficient way to provide heat to a space such as a living room rather than a whole home. We have a diverse range to suit your needs and can have your existing model changed over quickly to get you warm & comfortable again.

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What are gas space heaters?

Gas space heater is a broad category of heater, designed to heat a space such as a living area. This category of our heating range feature gas heaters in a diverse range of different styles to suit your personal requirements.

Upright models, otherwise known as wall furnaces have been a popular type of heater in Australian homes for decades.  Origionally made popular by Vulcan and now brought into the 21 Century by a range of brands featuring newer advanced technology, a gas space heater is an excellent balance of cost, features and economy for heating the major living areas of your home.

With a wide range of available shapes, designs and models of gas heater available we are sure to be able to help you find a suitable heater to suit your budget, home and lifestyle.

Border Heating & Cooling is proud to supply, install and service a full range of gas space heaters from leading brands including BraemarBonaire Pyrox and Rinnai. With years of experience we are your “one stop shop” for gas space heaters and flued wall furnaces.

Rinnai Energysaver Space Heaters

The best in comfort, safety and efficient heating.

With a minimum energy efficiency rating of 4.8 Stars, the Rinnai range of Energysaver® heaters outperform almost all other forms of heating in terms of energy efficiency.

Sending out warm, clean air, they create zero emissions; ideal for those susceptible to allergies or respiratory problems.

The range of Rinnai Energysaver® Heaters include options ideal for home use heating up to an impressive 75m2. You might expect the size to be quite large, but these small form factor heaters pack a suprising punch.

With different profile options including both traditional wider and more compact narrow options, Rinnai Gas Space Heaters suit a range of applications including installation in tight areas such as corners or in between fixed cabinetry.

Looking for a commercial premises heater in a value for money, compact size? Rinnai have developed models developed specifically for your business premises or office – Rinnai Commercial Energysaver® space heaters are also perfect for larger open areas like school halls, churches and gymnasiums.

Servicing and Warranty

Border Heating & Cooling specialise in the servicing all brands of heating & cooling systems, not limited to units that have been installed by us.

We have a designated person in our office to prioritise warranty repairs and are authorised warranty agents for all major brands.

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