Gas Add On Cooling

Combine Heating and Cooling Combining Ducted Gas Heating with refrigerative cooling provides a whole home climate control solution without excess additional infrastructure. It’s all in one. …

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The ductwork system allows for custom design and air to be distributed evenly or where it is needed the most. Zoning allows for further options and flexibility

Quiet Operation

  • Flexibility to Heat/Cool where required
  • Quiet Operation
  • Reverse Cycle (heats and cools)
  • Total control over the temperature
  • Aesthetically attractive
  • Customise to your requirements
  • Zoning available to save on running costs
  • Efficient Heat Pump technology
  • Inverter technology

Combine Heating and Cooling

An Add-on Cooling (air conditioning) system is added to your gas ducted heating system which allows you to run refrigerated air-conditioning via the same ducting that delivers the warm air in the winter months.

The air that you receive in the home is cool and crisp. A cooling coil is installed in the sub-floor or in the ceiling cavity and an outdoor condensing unit is installed outside the home.

Brivis Dual Comfort Combination

The Brivis DualComfort™ whole of home Ducted Gas Heating and refrigerative cooling solution allows you to create that perfect feeling of comfort throughout your home. DualComfort™ provides both refreshing, refrigerated cooling, or comfy gas heating. The technologies used in the DualComfort™ heating and cooling solution combines a StarPro series Ducted Gas Heater with Brivis ICE™ and a Networker controller – and are a culmination of 50 years of Brivis heating and cooling experience in Australia. The system is also ZonePlus™ compatible (StarPro heaters only)

Servicing and Warranty

Border Heating & Cooling specialise in the servicing all brands of heating & cooling systems, not limited to units that have been installed by us.

We have a designated person in our office to prioritise warranty repairs and are authorised warranty agents for all major brands.

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