Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating

Our range of Ducted Reverse Cycle air conditioning can provide a flexible all in one solution for year-round comfort. An energy efficient zone ducted system allows you to select which areas of your home you wish to heat and cost much less to run in comparison to conventional air conditioners.


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Energy Efficient

An inverter system increases or decreases temperature steadily to maintain your desired temperature without fluctuations. This modulation results in significant savings as well as comfort.

Solar Power

Because these systems are operated with electricity, they are ideal to use with Solar power thus making them extremely energy efficient.


The new systems of today are so quiet that you will barely notice they are operating.


Servicing and Warranty

Border Heating & Cooling specialise in the servicing all brands of heating & cooling systems, not limited to units that have been installed by us.

We have a designated person in our office to prioritise warranty repairs and are authorised warranty agents for all major brands.

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