Ducted Gas Heating

Ducted gas heating is a way to heat your entire home from just one unit which will be placed inside your roof, under your floor or externally.

A network of ducts and outlets means that you can have a steady supply of warm, gentle air in every room of your house.

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Efficiency which leads to savings!

Advanced manufacturing has resulted in high efficiency heaters with up to 6 star energy rating models. The running costs have decreased without compromising on the heat output. Once the temperature inside your home reaches your pre-set temperature, the burners inside the heating unit will turn off .

If you have a system that lets you zone your home so you heat only certain rooms, you can enjoy further energy and cost savings. Units that let you set heating programs to automatically switch off at certain times are also fantastic for saving on heating costs.

Quick heat & even air distribution

No matter how cold it is outside a good system will heat your home quickly and the series of well-placed vents will ensure there are no cold spots.

Easy Control

Ducted heating systems are controlled from a central control panel that can be located in one of the main rooms in your home, allowing you to control the temperature at the touch of a button.

There is a controller for every need including 7 day programmability and wi-fi, which provides ultimate control from almost anywhere with an internet connection.

Flexible zoning and installation

Flexible zoning options provide complete control over your individual comfort needs by heating only parts of the house in use. It also assists in reducing running costs by only heating the areas in use. Option for multiple thermostats to allow for different temperature settings in different zones.

Skin, eyes and environment

Gas fired appliances are efficient, responsive, and much better for the environment with low Co2 emissions. Some heating systems produce dry air that can irritate the eyes, throat and skin. But the heat produced by gas ducted heating provides instant warmth without drying the eyes or irritating the throat or skin.


Brivis Dual Comfort Combination

Imagine the combination of Ducted Gas Heating with refrigerated cooling, providing a superior whole-home climate control solution at an affordable rate.

The Brivis StarPro series of Ducted Gas Heaters provide the flexibility to integrate a Brivis ICE ™ (Integrated Cooling Equipment) refrigerated system, all while using the exact same ductwork and grilles – saving you both time and money. We call this technology, Brivis DualComfort™.



Touch App & Wi-Fi

For selected products:

  • Remote access function to allow you to turn on your appliance when you are out
  • System control from almost anywhere with an internet connection
  • Available on Google Play and App Store
  • Multiple user capability
  • Retrofits to some existing models with compatible controllers
  • Syncs with the main thermostat control of your system

Servicing and Warranty

Border Heating & Cooling specialise in the servicing of  most brands of heating & cooling systems, not limited to units that have been installed by us.

We have a designated person in our office to prioritise warranty repairs and are authorised warranty agents for all major brands.

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