Ducted Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling is a cost-effective way to cool your home and is particularly effective in a dry climate. It consists of a unit that circulates water over filter pads to produce cold air which is then distributed through the house via a ducting system.

The air feels like a light refreshing breeze and the system operates with opened windows and doors as the existing air is constantly replaced.

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Low running costs

Evaporative cooling is also an inexpensive cooling option that is much cheaper to run than refrigerated cooling.

Environmentally Friendly

Since evaporative cooling uses less electricity than many other forms of cooling it is kinder to our environment as its greenhouse gas contribution is a lot lower.

Healthy air

It is one of the healthiest ways to cool your home because it uses clean fresh air to replace the air in your home, many times in an hour.

The air in your house is constantly replaced by a natural process of air cooled by water resulting in fresh air and a less drying air that does not irritate.

Easy living

Doors and windows can be left open promoting a more carefree lifestyle. You won’t be worrying about cool air escaping because it needs to and will be constantly replenished.


New control options

Gone are the days of clunky controls or simple on/off switches. Selected models in our range of evaporative coolers now include easy to use full colour control panels, or even wi-fi based controls to change settings right from your mobile phone!

Wi-fi options: Selected models can be controlled from almost anywhere with internet connection.

Servicing and Warranty

Border Heating & Cooling specialise in the servicing all brands of heating & cooling systems, not limited to units that have been installed by us.

We have a designated person in our office to prioritise warranty repairs and are authorised warranty agents for all major brands.

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