Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating & Cooling

What is ducted reverse cycle?

Ducted reverse cycle is an ideal solution for whole of home or office heating and cooling. 

Consisting of an indoor and outdoor unit, the indoor unit is placed within the roof space and is connected to a series of vents within the house via ductwork. Warm or cool air is circulated to all rooms via this system and can be set up to operate in different zones, saving money on energy costs.

Ducted reverse cycle systems combine the benefits of spit system heating and cooling with ability to heat or cool your entire home or commercial premises with outlets in each room, driven by a single heating & cooling unit. 

Benefits of ducted reverse cycle

A modern ducted reverse cycle system is not only efficient and quiet, but it saves on power while being visually appealing with the low profile design of the internal vents.

High energy efficiency results in significant savings in running costs.

Visually appealing, discrete and low profile units that deliver conditioned air via ducting and suitable ceiling or wall grilles, for quiet, whole house heating and cooling.

Ducted reverse cycle technology is both efficient and quiet, with new advances including optional motion sensor and customised settings tailoring airflow all make for best efficiency and the quietest operation. And of course, featuring inverter technology.

Out ducted reverse cycle airconditioning systems feature DC inverter technology.  An inverter is a power conversion circuit that electronically regulates the voltage, current and frequency of an air conditioner.  This circuit controls the compressor, outdoor and indoor fans, maximising the air conditioner’s efficiency.

Whole house heating & cooling for comfort all year 'round

A ducted refrigerated system can be designed to heat and cool all areas of your home from a single vent in each room. There are no need for separate heating and cooling vents, the same ducts and vents carry your warm air in summer and your cool air in winter.

Ducted refrigerated heating & cooling - the superior option

Ducted reverse cycle airconditioning offers many advantages over both individual split system units, as it offers temperature control of your whole house. It also offers advantages over ducted evaporative airconditioning in that it offers both heating and cooling, is generally quieter, and will work effectively in more weather conditions.

Such advantages much be weighed up against the fact that ducted reverse cycle systems are generally a more premium option that may require a higher initial investment, but one that will provide many years of comfort. We invite you to discuss your requirements with our sales team who can assist in determining the best technology for your individual requirements.

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