Cassette Unit Airconditioning

Cassette Unit Airconditioners

Border Heating & Cooling supplies and installs cassette systems from a range of different manufacturers, helping even space-constrained homes and businesses beat the heat. An unobtrusive addition to any property, our cassette systems are perfect where wall space is unavailable for a split system and the ceiling cannot support ducts. Wherever you live, make it comfortable with help from our range.

Cassette unit airconditioners are popular in commercial premises, but are also available for residential home use – and may be the ideal choice for your home where space is an issue. Our staff are happy to provide you comprehensive advice on what type of heating and cooling system is best suited for your home or commercial premises.

Why a cassette system

Whether for architecturally designed houses where roof space is at a premium, in commercial showrooms, or in home entertainment areas, or apartment buildings, an in-ceiling cassette air conditioning system is a specialised system that can be installed where many other cooling systems cannot, while still delivering excellent performance. 

Delivering powerful cooling to spaces of every size, your new cassette system will keep you cool all the way through even the hottest summers. Some models of cassette system come with built-in timer systems, allowing you to more precisely control your usage. Come home to a cool house on even the hottest days all the while saving on your electricity bill when you’re out and about.

The technicians at Border Heating & Cooling have extensive experience designing and installing air conditioning systems for properties of every shape and size. If you’re looking to make your home or business a comfortable place year-round, speak to us to find out if a cassette system is right for you.

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